Cyclopean structures of antiquity
ARCHITECTURE The ARCHITECTURE, the art and science of building. The earliest architectural structures provide only partial protection. The Bedouin tent or the Indian wigwam served as shelter from sun, wind…

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The mysteries of the most ancient paintings
The mysteries of the most ancient paintings Painting the stone age in the Sahara. Hunters ask for success in hunting at caledonii People are already 30-40 thousand years draws himself…

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Stonehenge: the mysterious legacy of the ancients

Stonehenge: the mysterious legacy of the ancients

Among unsolved mysteries of history, exciting scientists, archaeologists and writers majestically megalithic stone structure called Stonehenge. The most famous is Stonehenge in great Britain, in the County of Wiltshire, close to Salisbury, a distance of 130 km from London to South-West direction.

Shrouded in legends and mysteries, this place attracts a lot of tourists, eager to see a true Testament to the greatness of ancestors who lived thousands of years ago. Looking at multi-ton blocks of stone, and would like to ask: was it possible with the help of those primitive technologies, told us about the teachers at the school, to bring them for tens and even hundreds of miles away and set in the right geometric pattern, saved until now? Why were exerted such tremendous effort, and what is the purpose of this structure? Scientists have put forward many interesting theories about this. Each one has a right to be. But before you dive into the world of conjecture, consider, what is the Stonehenge.

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Kuril Islands

Geological structure and origin of the Islands

Unlike the Islands of Japan, where considerable areas are covered by ancient, crumpled in folds sedimentary marine rocks, and from Kamchatka, West and center of which are composed of marine sediments, sedimentary formations on the Kuril ridge are common only in the extreme North (North) and South (Shikotan) Islands; on the other they put a small area of lowlands and separate spots are found around the volcanoes, on the shores of the bays, mouths of rivers and on the terraces of the coast.

Ancient sedimentary rocks are usually more or less altered by the action of high temperature and pressure. The composition of their heterogeneous: there are shales, Sands, gravels, in some places the accumulation of limestone: the main Islands are composed of volcanic rocks. In addition to the lava, there are large areas of volcanic tuff, layers of ash and coarse-grained material, often cemented compacted ash or pumice.

In the distant past geological history of the earth, the sea covered the whole northeast Asia. Sometimes it receded, and in place of Kamchatka and the Okhotsk sea was drying up. Kamchatka and the Islands of Japan itself became part of the sushi into the second half of the tertiary period (middle Miocene) and was to the mainland of ASIA one. Sea of Okhotsk at this time Continue reading

Famous Gothic buildings
  "...A man who was not specially interested in the history of Prague architecture, is unlikely to recognize these buildings. I will not mystify, they do not exist. More precisely,…


Unusual and mysterious places
The existence of this terrible valley became known in the late nineteenth century, when in the canyons of Canada rushed hundreds of miners. This valley has earned the fame of…

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