Gothic cathedrals
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Mysterious underground country
Mysterious underground tunnels are found on all continents. Experts are convinced that this is a very ancient constructions. But it is still unknown who built and for what purpose. Moves…

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Mysterious underground country

Mysterious underground tunnels are found on all continents. Experts are convinced that this is a very ancient constructions. But it is still unknown who built and for what purpose.

Moves under the world

Polish researcher Jan Pink argues that system of ancient tunnel covers the entire planet, including the ocean floor. The tunnels seemed to be burned into the surface of the earth. Their walls are hardened melt rocks that look like glass. Modern humanity is similar tunneling technology is unknown.

The oldest tunnels, whose age is estimated at nearly a million years, was found in 1965 by the Argentina ethnologist Juan Moritz. In Ecuador, in the province of Morona-Santiago, his expedition explored and mapped the system of tunnels, mostly rectangular, running at a depth of 230 meters. Their smooth walls seem to be polished. They are ventilation pipes with a diameter of about 70 centimeters. These mysterious underground structures extend for hundreds of kilometers in different directions, including towards the Pacific ocean. Most of them still remain unexplored.

American specialist Andrew Thomas is convinced that the ancient underground tunnels penetrate the North American continent and connect it with Europe and East Asia. In some areas, there are important intersections of these tunnels – nodes. One node is located under mount Shasta in California. Hence one of the branches leads into a huge hollow space, discovered in 1980 under the bottom of the Pacific ocean near California.

Another site is Tibet. literally honeycombed with underground tunnels with perfectly smooth walls. Buddhist monks say that here, in the depths of the mountains and the earth. is the legendary Shambhala, which is inhabited by the initiated. These mysterious people move through the tunnels in the devices moving with great speed.

Vast unexplored underground cavities recently discovered in Egypt beneath the pyramids on the Giza plateau. They separate large galleries to the North towards the Black sea and the Caucasus, eastward to Tibet and westward to the Atlantic ocean. They, apparently, are connected with the American system of tunnels.

In the Caucasus and Crimea is another site of ancient underground system. Cavers have found in the Caucasus, under the ridge Uvarov, tunnels, going to the Crimea. The Caspian and the Volga region. In the Volga region is Medveditsky ridge, in the depths of which also has an extensive network of tunnels. Most of them are circular, their diameter ranges from 7 to 30 meters. Meet and halls of large dimensions.

Researcher P. Mironichenko in his book “the Legend of LSP” writes that the ancient underground tunnels stitched all Russia, including Siberia and the far East. Still not found all the tunnels. Similar findings are made most often by accident. For example, the ancient underground passage was found in the 1950-ies during the construction of the tunnel under the bottom of Tatar Strait, when they wanted to join the underground railway to Sakhalin island with the mainland. According to the memoirs of one of participants of those works, doctor of physical and mathematical Sciences L. Berman, the drifters not so much constructed as they restored some very ancient tunnel. To the end never made it. It is assumed that in Sakhalin he goes to Sweden and then to America.

Ancient people were expecting a nuclear attack

It is noticed that the more ancient and deeper tunnel, so it is superior in design and better focused. Tunnels age 12 thousand years, found in Western Europe, the most “young” and structurally the most serious among all found ancient underground structures. But even they could not be built by primitive people who inhabited by modern historical views, in those days our planet. Not to mention much more sophisticated tunnels, whose age is estimated at tens of thousands and millions of years! One could assume that in ancient times on Earth really existed some highly advanced civilization, which inexplicably disappeared from the surface of the planet, leaving only our uncivilized ancestors.

Speaking about the reasons for her disappearance, some experts point to the possibility of unleashing ancient nuclear war. A careful study by a group of French experts of several tens of large craters on the planet’s surface, which are considered as traces from blows of meteorites, showed that they could be formed and as a result of nuclear explosions. The age of the majority of funnels is estimated at 25 thousand years. The deepest is in South Africa. According to the researchers, it was formed from a nuclear strike capacity of over 500 thousand tons in troti-fishing equivalent (power of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima, is estimated at 20 thousand tons).

Apparently 25 thousand years ago, the then mankind knew about the impending nuclear bombing in advance and prepared for it. With this purpose were created underground shelters. But it is unknown if they found the tunnel empty. This raises the question: who built the more ancient underground structures, age hundreds of thousands and millions of years? Why were they built?

Underground country

The easiest way to explain the emergence of the tunnels of the activities of extraterrestrial aliens. Now, however, most researchers are inclined to think that these structures created by the inhabitants of the Earth, possessing the highest technology. Perhaps the most ancient underground tunnels were built in anticipation of some global natural disaster. Science is already beginning to come to the understanding that after a certain period of time on Earth terrible disasters happen. The most pernicious of them happen about once every 60 million years. Not as powerful, but also threatening the existence of humanity catastrophes happen every 100, 41 and 21 thousand years. Knowing this, the oldest “supermen” first, we built the tunnels, and then completely gone in a large natural cavity under the ground, where its sea, its fauna and flora. The existence of the underground biosphere self-sufficient with many ancient forms of life are theoretically allowed by modern science. People could settle in this underground world, to adapt to it and continue it in its existence.

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