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What can mounds
What can mounds The famous pyramids of the ancient Egyptians or, say, the Mayans and the Aztecs. But to see mysterious structures from thousands of years ago, not necessarily to…

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The mysteries of the most ancient paintings

The mysteries of the most ancient paintings

Painting the stone age in the Sahara. Hunters ask for success in hunting at caledonii

People are already 30-40 thousand years draws himself and his surroundings. And we understand how and why on the cave walls of the stone age have any images of bison, mammoth, deer, hunter with a dart in his hand. But some subjects of ancient paintings be explained quite impossible.

Scientists do not know what method of printing is the most ancient. Some say that this figure “pencil” out of a piece of red ochre or other “coloring” of the stone. Others argue, that was before the engraving, because the handprints on the cave wall over a painted bison. Still others believe that the first was a sculpture, more precisely, the relief is in wet clay fingers squeezed randomly overlapping lines.

In the jungles of Nicaragua discovered a cave painting in which, according to experts, depicts the aircraft with a power plant of an unknown type. In Australia have found carved at a height of 10 meters huge paintings of people in strange

clothes that were never worn by the inhabitants of this continent. As primitive artists “doodling” at this altitude — is unclear, because it needed to fit the size of a three-storey house, a stone age people to build such couldn.

The entrance to the cave of Lascaux. France

Discovered in the Sahara the world’s largest art gallery. Its length is a hundred miles. Shown there are ostriches, lions and numerous herds of different animals (Sugar was then a flourishing land, even the flood happened), and even artists 7 thousand years ago drew people in spacesuits. Or in diving suits. However, some believe that it’s merely a stylized image of baskets on their heads.

Archers. the Mesolithic period. Painted gorge Valltorta. Spain

In South Africa, in the desert, which was once called the Skeleton Coast (now Namibe) in the cave of the Brandberg mountains found a strange picture. Her age is around 3500 — 4000 years. On the wall shows a procession of black men, at the head of which is white-skinned woman. The woman is very different from other characters of the picture, as if in his the school of Athens Raphael drew in a crowd of ancient philosophers of the modern student in jeans and a player. The woman dress and sandals (other

barefoot and dressed much more easily), rich decoration, red (!) hair is tied in her hair with a diadem of pearls. Scientists noted the similarity of this White Lady with frescoes of the Knossos Palace in Crete.

Ancient rock raspil on the Scandinavian coast

Who she is, where she goes, who and why did it… a lot of assumptions, clues no. Scientists difficult to work in this area, because nearby is one of the world’s largest diamond deposits, and the territory is not all allowed.

But the most mysterious art gallery is located in Peru. 10-12 thousand years ago, unknown artists carved on the surface of numerous black stones with strange pictures. Scientists “discovered” the dinosaur, the Archaeopteryx, Brachiosaurus, Pteranodon, Tyrannosaurus. Other “paintings” depict riders on horses and elephants, which in America never lived, the map of the sky as it was a million years ago, prehistoric Lemuria map with a knife. Although humans and dinosaurs never lived on Earth at the same time.

Wall paintings of the tomb of Nefertari

Largest specialist drevneevreyskom cultures John Howland Rox didn’t hesitate in his assessment of these drawings: it’s a fake. Impossible 12 thousand years ago to paint the dinosaurs that are already extinct, and anesthesia machine, which had not been invented. But… only in the collection of the surgeon X. Cabrera is more than 20 thousand stones with drawings, some over a meter in length. But there are also many other private collections and museums. Too big to fake. It is most convenient to explain this miracle by invasion of aliens. But somehow it’s doubtful that aliens diligently engraved thousands of these stones. This is probably the most enigmatic figures in the history of mankind. They are still waiting to be explored.

and Atlantis, a surgical operation on the heart… That man looking through a telescope the comet with a long tail. Here the narcosis — enters through a tube in the respiratory tract of some substance, apparently, sleeping gas, and the surgeon at this time opens the chest. Here are two hunters in loincloths attacked the dinosaur, one struck the animal with an axe on the head, another stabbed in the back

The picture only for the gods

At first, people drew pictures for himself. Then began to paint for the gods to paint the churches. Dedicating his work to the gods, artists still knew that people will see their work and, perhaps, become closer to God, better, happier. But, wrote only for the gods. It is the many paintings of the Egyptian tombs. Frescoes cave temples of China. In Dunhuang (China, 400 — 800 years BC and about 500 caves painted with amazing frescoes. The wizard was cut down in the rock room, the artist painted the walls. Once the painting was finished, the Church was bricked. Now nobody ever has to see these pictures. Maybe the artist, who spent several months on the job, was bitter that his work no one will appreciate. Maybe he was happy that in the eternal darkness of the cave immured his picture will be seen by the gods. Who knows…

Best offer

No one knows when the first artists began to receive payment for their work. But the biggest purse in the history of art known to us. According to legend, it received the Greek artist Apelles, depicting Alexander the great in the likeness of Zeus, with the lightning in the hand. The picture was so beautiful, and the hand with the lightning magically “played” from the canvas due to the optical effect that the customer had paid the author of 25 gold talents. The weight of a talent varied in different times and in different areas, but averaged about 25 pounds (at the time of Alexander, even 34 and 41 kg), so the sum seems totally implausible.

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