Ancient structures
About five thousand years ago among the boundless Sands of the African deserts to the Egyptian IV dynasty Pharaoh khafra (the Greeks called him Chephren) built for himself the pyramid-tomb.…

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What can mounds
What can mounds The famous pyramids of the ancient Egyptians or, say, the Mayans and the Aztecs. But to see mysterious structures from thousands of years ago, not necessarily to…

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Mysterious figures in Russia

Mysterious figures in Russia

Some inscribed thus the line that became an integral part of the relief and landscape of the republics of the CIS, are perfectly straight, others form on the sloping hills and the slopes of the outlines of the giant figures that are impossible to see and recognize from the ground.

Only when viewed from the plane, stretched out on her grooves and connected to form the giant figures. Concerning time of creation of lines of scientists agree — to the XIX century, in the era of wars and uprisings. Most studies ascribe their creation of the Russian civilization that inhabited Eurasia until the 21st century.

On the ground to distinguish anything.

But satellite images have shown a giant patterns resembling four and vosi-the ultimate snowflakes.

They say that in these mysterious structures chuzhu electronic devices, “wildly spinning” arrow of the compass and there are various anomalies. “Even the birds rarely fly in this region. The researchers also try to stay. Disturbing thoughts, headache and insomnia – the lot of those who decide nearby to pitch a tent”.

Place some of the descendants of drawings arranged arable fields, others built and some destroyed by time and human activity

But many are still quite distinguishable, and remain a mystery to his contemporaries a message from the past to the future.


1.The spaceport aliens

The line could be built on the instructions of the plane. Lines have been laid in order to show gods: land here! All cooked as you ordered!

2.There are a number of hypotheses, according to which ancient Russians knew the secrets of Aeronautics in balloons or gliders. All known attempts Mozhaysky to restore the ancient art.

“1731 in Ryazan, when the Governor, the clerk of neretic KRASOTY Forwin made as a big ball, blew smoke nasty and smelly, made a loop, sat into it and the evil power raised him above the birch and hit him after the bell, but he clung to the rope than I called and left Taco alive.”

Among the aborigines of Russia, and to this day there are legends about ancient Russian aeronauts — Nikita Krasochnom and many other nameless Russian conquerors of the ocean air.

Some attempts ended in failure, but Russian inquisitive mind did not stop before the difficulties.

On the first attempt of the Russian people to rise in the sky witnessed yet “the Prayer of Daniel sharpener” (end of XII – early XIII century): “. and iny flies with the Church or with high palate, avelocity (silk) krili having…” the Way is clear: in Russia was not neither high mountains nor deep valleys, and the churches were the highest buildings.

From the epoch of Ivan the terrible preserved the legend that in 1565, during the stay of the king in Alexandrov Sloboda, boyar, serf Nikita KRASOTY publicly announced that it would fly into the sky like a bird. He fashioned wooden wings of wood, to which by means of wax stuck bird feathers. On the appointed day he leaped down from the Crucifixion bell and that flew over a high wall, landing on the banks of the river Grey.

Following the Russian pilot – the nameless man – mentions in his “Notes” a prominent figure of the Petrine era Ivan this Time.

It was in April 1695. On the 28th, Sunday, Tsar Peter Alekseevich with military people sailed on boats on the Moscow river – to fight the Turks at Azov. Then two days later, a man shouted to the guard, and told him a sovereign’s word. According to the then custom, it meant that the person owns the important state information.

Clearly, he was immediately taken where you want – in Streletsky order. On interrogation it was revealed that the man is not a simple lapotnikov. Promised that if will give him the right amount of money, he is making the wings, will fly, like a crane. For the occasion has snakes with Peter. Maybe a different sire money on such nonsense and regret it. But Peter was not one of them. From the sovereign’s Treasury man gave as much as 18 rubles – at the time a considerable sum. With this money he built his mica wings. On the appointed day, summoned the boyars, crossed himself, and began to flap his wings, but not rose. From exhaustion, said wings are heavy, need to do other – suede. On suede wings gave him another 5 dollars and I blew it: the man running around the yard, flapping its wings, that is urine, and take off. Then was told to hit the fool with a whip, and to sell his property to at least partly return to sovereign money*.

* Manuscripts from the collection of Sulakadzaev reported about several such cases. In 1729 in the village Key, which under RASCOM, one blacksmith made the wings from wire frame and bird feathers, which allegedly was flying until then, not yet “descended on the roof of the Church, but pop wings burned and he was almost cursed”; “1745 from Moscow was Krichever and made paper snakes on chestica and attached to the loop. Under it made sidalco and rose, but it began to spin, and he. fell, injured his leg and was not up,” etc.

What lured an unknown man up? Probably the same as any of us – thirst of boundless freedom, which represents for the Russian people flight.

It is clear that such rukokrylye flier could carry a lot of cargo, but due to the high speed surface transport is not available from that era, could serve as the messenger and transfer mail messages, so that these mysterious marks could be used when navigating in flight.

3. Drawings soar into the sky

A. Aref, and L. Fomin in the article “the Ballad of the space “slags” (Technology – Youth, N11, 1987) have suggested “small hypothesis” about the purpose of gigantic figures. Ancient Russians, they believe, filled the groove parochialism substance, rich in nitrate, which they allegedly knew how to prepare from chicken manure. Then the substance was ignited, and smoke, copying the pattern, zmywarka up from where he was seen not from the top down and bottom up.

What can mounds
What can mounds The famous pyramids of the ancient Egyptians or, say, the Mayans and the Aztecs. But to see mysterious structures from thousands of years ago, not necessarily to…


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