Funerary complex of Djoser
Funerary complex of Djoser • Add to bookmarks • Saqqara was the main necropolis of ancient Memphis, where, starting from the First of the Royal house, ancient Egyptian nobles built…

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Gothic churches
Home In the Church of Sophia, standing without singing, this silent temple current travellers see or hear a Symphony, and not even the Symphony and the Oratorio, says p. P.…

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The most mysterious house

The most mysterious house

Unique types of architecture

What do you mean “mystery” to conventional (or not) at home? Exquisite architecture? The presence of the mysterious legends associated with its inhabitants? Or maybe something else? To find out in today’s material.

For a long time the Russians were not spoiled by the unique architecture. Made in the spirit of postmodernism. Modular multi-storey houses, similar to each other, like twins Yes massive architectural sculptures in the style of constructivism – that is all that was available to curious people. Today we are not holding back the “iron curtain”, so you can travel anywhere in our planet. And with the help of the Internet it’s easy to do without leaving home. The most important travel trend in recent years has become a “pilgrimage” to the mysterious and strange architecture of the houses and old estates, where, according to rumors, ghosts and creepy things are happening.

Mysterious houses attract thousands of tourists daily and is the most popular destination for such excursions. Should look at them closer. First, this is the famous dancing house in the Polish town of Sopot. Strange architecture of the building resembles a dragon, trapped inside the house and going to take off. Pretty scary, isn’t it? Inside the building you can find a huge shopping and entertainment center with bars, restaurants and boutiques.

Home “Flintstone” in Portugal

Secondly, it is the home of “Flintstone” in Portugal. The fact that this building was made of… a huge stone. Inside this “cave” house is quite modern apartments with Central heating and other utilities. One of the highlights of the “Flintstone” is a stone pool, which is very fond of tourists. At night there are heard strange sounds… not ghosts?

In the third place, you can position the house Key Rock in San Francisco. Outstanding architecture, it is no different, but the scary legends and stories – more than enough. If you go there on October 31, the charge of emotions for the whole year will be provided. The fourth mysterious house which is worth a visit, can be called the Hundertwasserhaus in Vienna. Very beautiful and unusual construction, in which bright colors more than blocks.

Eco-house “Waldspirale”

The fifth can also be called the Hundertwasser building in the German city of Dresden. There is the famous eco-house “Waldspirale”, which resembles a U-shaped sea shell, which, ironically, began to live and to entertain people. In the building there are cafes, bars, restaurants, and residential complex with 112 apartments. Rumor has it that this house has its own spirit-protector.

The sixth item of this list should be marked to the famous “Atomium”, located in Brussels. It is a monument to science and scientific achievements. As the name implies, this building is a copy of its appearance in the molecule of a certain substance.

The seventh is an interesting place, where there is the most mysterious home, this is Scotland. All. In this country there are many castles that are different intricate Gothic architecture, in which, as the locals say, is haunted, and the spirits of the former owners. We strongly recommend all tourists to visit the castle Gladys, still at night we could hear moaning and the floorboards creak. It is known that this is not the tricks of servants, and then what?

Dancing skyscraper

The mysterious eighth house, you can imagine the next “dancing” skyscraper. Its odd shape resembles a dancing couple who hugged each other during the execution of the Foxtrot. This is a beautiful home in Prague. Many tourists love to do photosgraphy in the background of this monumental, but at the same time elegant buildings. No less mysterious for tourists is a House for young people in Tokyo. Decorated in bright and positive colours, he nevertheless frightens many. Why? They can’t explain clearly. They say that once within the walls of this hostel there was a murder of two people – a boy and a girl. The murderers and was never found.

In ninth and tenth place can be placed the House of the Hobbit in New Zealand and the house in the form of a Volkswagen Beetle in Vienna. These houses are known for their creativity and zest, they look fresh and not cliche, unlike most of the other houses. I’d like to ask owners how they were able to bring your ideas to life? Silent mystery.

Mysterious houses, there are thousands, so it is not surprising the fact that the house is different from most other intricate design and strong concept, able to attract the attention of millions.