Stonehenge: the mysterious legacy of the ancients
Stonehenge: the mysterious legacy of the ancients Among unsolved mysteries of history, exciting scientists, archaeologists and writers majestically megalithic stone structure called Stonehenge. The most famous is Stonehenge in great…

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10 the most mysterious part of Barcelona Writer Sylvia Lagarda Mata wrote the book "Ghosts of Barcelona" (Fantasmas de Barcelona), which tells about the most mysterious places of the Catalan…

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Karelia: Seven places to visit

Having travelled in Karelia – a truly remarkable place – you want as soon as possible to describe to the readers websiteand its extraordinary beauty. Undoubtedly, none of the story can cover all the attractions, which are rich in Karelia . Pay attention to those that are just impossible to avoid.

In the world there are places that self-respecting traveller should visit at least once in life. And even if your enthusiasm for wandering and travel is limited to viewing the discovery channel, lying on your sofa, separate corners of our vast country, you just need to see it firsthand. Because even the most modern 3D home cinema does not begin to convey the true beauty of the Russian North.

So I offer you a small, but extremely exciting journey through one of the most legendary regions of Russia – Karelia. Honor the land brought not only its beauty and history, he is known for, among other things, as one of the most enigmatic and mysterious places on the planet.

Onega petroglyphs. The so-called ancient drawings sometimes still called the “stone age Bible”. They were discovered in the nineteenth century, a geologist from St. Petersburg K. Grevinga. Alleged age of the petroglyphs is 6 thousand years old. What narrate petroglyphs? the Hunters that recently captured animals, birds and symbols of everyday life. The oldest, not only in Karelia, but all over the world, recognized image with the skiers. There is an opinion that the petroglyphs – view display of primitive people about the Universe.

The location of rock paintings – Cape Besov nos and Peri Nose, the Eastern shore of lake Onega. That’s really where everything is just shrouded in mystery… the Cape of devil’s Nose gets its name not accidentally. Therein lies the largest cave image – the figure of the Devil, the size of which is 2 m. Be on the lookout if you happen to be in these places! 1 km from Cape stops working satellite navigation and mechanical stop watch…

Mountain Vottovaara. One of tainstvennaya places of Karelia. Her mysteries are still scratching their heads scientists. Some believe that it is a portal to other worlds; some that this “place of power”. And traditionally, ufologists believe that this mountain is visited by aliens…

Vottovaara mountain is the highest point of the West Karelian upland, its location – the Muezersky district at a distance of 350 km from Petrozavodsk. The place is extremely deaf and it is difficult to get here. What brought fame to Vottovaara? In this area they discovered is a large single stones and clusters of large boulders, has the appearance of a stone staircase. The vegetation of the area is very peculiar: the trees are drawn to the Earth, and they are twisted around its own axis.

The name of the mountain means “mountain of meetings and expectations.”

According to ancient Sami legends, they are not simply sacred stones, yet they “can fly”.

“Ruskeala” mountain Park. Located in the Sortavala district Park “Ruskeala” is the richest of the known deposits of white marble. The history of mountain Park began in the second half of the eighteenth century, it was formed on the basis of marble canyon. Ruskeala marble was widely used in construction and decoration in the period of the years 1762-1796 – reign of Catherine II. This marble decorated with its splendor of St. Petersburg. the interior and exterior of Winter, the Tauride and Marble palaces, St. Isaac’s and Kazan cathedrals, the halls of the Peterhof.

Village Kinerma. This village is a unique monument to Karelian national wooden architecture of XIX century. The Museum complex consists of a rustic chapel of our lady of Smolensk (2nd half of XVIII century), peasant houses and baths “on-black” of the nineteenth century. Local baths, by the way, is a real exotic, since such is no longer anywhere. With tourism in Kinerma run Kalmykov sisters born in the same village.

The Nature Reserve “Kivach”. To visit Karelia and to pass over this famous reserve is just a crime. After all, it displayed all the diversity of nature of Karelia. Based the reserve was in 1931, its focal point is a raging waterfall of the same name. This is one of the smallest reserves in Russia. It stretches from East to West and 14 km from South to North at 12 km Taiga in the native reserve, and the impact of civilization is virtually nonexistent.

The Museum-reserve “Kizhi”. The architectural ensemble of the Museum-reserve can rightly be regarded as the eighth wonder of the world. It includes a wooden 22-headed summer Church of the Transfiguration (1714), her younger sister – the 10-headed winter intercession (1764) and bell tower (1874). Above the buildings there were several generations of architects. And, despite enormous breaks in the construction process, the architect was able to withstand a uniform style and to maintain the integrity of the ensemble. The Central object of Pogost of Kizhi is the multi-domed Church of the Transfiguration. The concentration of historical monuments on the territory of the residential complex is truly unique: more than 80 local monuments of traditional folk architecture were able to be on the island with a total length of 7 km.

The Island Of Valaam. A real pearl of lake Ladoga. For many centuries, Valaam was a true spiritual center of Orthodox Russia. The first monastery here was founded in the middle ages, and because of their appearance began the spread of Orthodoxy in the Russian North. In the middle of the XIX century the Valaam worked for the architect A. M. Gornostaev, to whom the island owes its finest buildings.

Actually, a list of beautiful places that are rich and famous Karelia, this is far from finished. In store for this land is still quite mysterious beauty and secrets.


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10 the most mysterious part of Barcelona Writer Sylvia Lagarda Mata wrote the book "Ghosts of Barcelona" (Fantasmas de Barcelona), which tells about the most mysterious places of the Catalan…

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