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Places of interest in Prague

There is something for everyone in Prague — the Czech capital

Quite often the capital of Czech Republic is called “Golden Prague”, because it is a very ancient and beautiful city. However, there is no abundance of gold-plated elements, incredibly vivid colors. On the contrary, many of the buildings are rather massive, dark, and streets are hidden from the penetration of a large amount of sunlight. Not surprisingly, many interesting places in Prague are connected with ancient legends. These places have attracted the attention of esotericists, mystics, lovers of fantasy stories. Prague will be appreciated by fans of Gothic and the atmosphere of the middle ages.

You can come here every year and still find something new, Prague is a story not only of Czech but also of European civilization. In the IV Millennium BC there appeared the first settlement, and several centuries later the area was populated by Slavs. With the X century the capital of the Czech Republic, the city, which is closely intertwined traditions of different peoples: Czechs, Jews and Germans. Prague is a city – Museum of architecture of different epochs – Gothic, Baroque and cubism. Invite you to the most interesting places in Prague and possibly discover something new.

The most interesting places in Prague — the Czech capital

To learn with the capital of Czech Republic is better being in the historic district of Hradcany, where Prague Castle is located. It is included in the world heritage list of UNESCO. From Hradcany easy to get to other interesting places of Prague — historical centers: lesser town (Mala Strana) and Old town (Stare mesto).

Prague Castle was founded in the IX century, and after many times rebuilt and extended. Here in the Royal Palace is the residence of the Czech President. When you enter the Castle you will definitely see the Church of St. Ore, and in the second courtyard is the St. Vitus Cathedral is an impressive Gothic structure.

One of the most interesting places in Prague the old town square is considered. Already 6 centuries (from 1410) go Gothic astronomical clock, installed on the South side of the tower the historic town hall.

They can see year, month, day and hour, the time of sunrise and sunset of the moon and Sun, where are the signs of the Zodiac. Every hour there is shown a theatrical performance akin to medieval puppet theater, all the action takes place in a short window of hours. Right before the eyes of the tourists who stand on the square, pass by the twelve apostles.

Until they make a full circle, moving figures, personifying human vices. What did you think? I warned that many interesting places in Prague are connected with mysticism, the struggle of various energies. Here, you and vain man, who admires his own mirror reflection, and a miser with impressive size wallet. The angel lowered his sword in sign of Death, at this time the Windows are safely closed and the rooster crows. This means that a new hour. Want to enjoy this unique spectacle? You know where to go. If at all a fan of unusual town clock, it is worth to visit not only the capital of the Czech Republic, but also the capital of Switzerland. Geneva. Basel. the capital of Germany.

Please note, not all interesting places in Prague are large. For example, Golden lane. She’s tiny, but very popular among tourists. Remember all embedded in the wall of brightly colored houses.

Wenceslas square is more like a street.

It stretches almost a thousand metres. Above it, on a high hill, is a folk Museum, and at the beginning of the square stands the St. Wenceslas monument. In the XX century here not only organized the ceremony, but also held political battles. Of course, here in 1989, was done away with communism in the Czech Republic.

Most of the monuments of Jewish culture you will discover in Josefov (former Jewish ghetto). As interesting places for tourists are extant landmarks. Survived 6 synagogues, the Jewish town hall and old Jewish cemetery. Still in effect Old-New synagogue, belonging as much to the XIII century.

You still don’t understand why the capital of the Czech Republic gloomy? Well, let’s continue to talk about the most interesting places in Prague – and all will become apparent. If at dusk you find yourself on the Golden lane, we clearly decide what moved in the middle ages.

Dark and creepy. Especially grim are the two towers located at the beginning and the end of the street. They used to be criminals. The most famous is the lower – Daliborka.

Its history is inextricably linked with the knight Dalibor, who was imprisoned here in 1498. The prisoner had learned to play the violin, in order not to die of hunger. Violin on the last save has acquired for his jailers. He played so well that the residents of Prague are constantly throwing money and food in a canvas bag, which he pulled down from the window. The first half has been even erected a monument, which is a rather wicked-looking skull, which is Dalibor.

It is so ancient, lush, majestic and dark capital of the Czech Republic . If you like somewhat gloomy view, the atmosphere, impregnated with something mysterious, hovering over the city the spirit of history, in Prague, you obviously like it.

Next time I will tell you where to go in Prague. what to see and where to eat. Until then, offer to watch a video about interesting places, main attractions of the Czech capital. Yes, today it will release one of the best programs about travel.


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