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Mysterious places of the Urals


Sverdlovsk research group “Stalker” and the project “Our Ural” has made the top list of most mysterious places in the Urals region.

The rating is composed of two terms: on the basis of received to us within three months of voices, as well as by frequency of mentioning of these places in the media. Of course, in the short-list were not so much the anomalous space as the most sensational, hyped in the media.

The three “leaders” was quite clear from the start. But the question is who will take places from fourth to seventh,intrigued until the last.

So, the results are the following:

1. Arkaim

Ancient Aryan settlement in the steppes to the South of the Chelyabinsk region. Arkaim has a ring structure and clearly focused on the stars. Who knows where and for whatever reason left the people who lived here. Arkaim annually attracts tens of thousands pilgrims: psychics, healers, ufologists, “contactees” and other extraordinary people. They believe Arkaim spiritual center of Russia. And all in one voice assured about the strangeness and power of the local energy.

2. The Dyatlov Pass

On a mountain slope it consists Sahel (in the North of Sverdlovsk region) in the winter of 1959 under mysterious circumstances killed a group of nine experienced hikers. Charge of the investigation, the investigator gave the opinion that “reason the loss of tourists was a natural force to overcome that they were unable”. But what is this “power” forced the tourists cut the tent and into the lungs of things to run down the slope to certain death from the cold. The mystery of their death to the present day excites the minds of scholars. So far there is not a single hypothesis, which is 100% would explain all the confusion of this tragedy.

3. M-sky triangle

Became widely known throughout the world since 1989. This is the first in our country anomalous zone, stirred up in those days all the people. In those years there are often faced with a wide range of anomalous phenomena, from UFOs and plasmoids to Bigfoot. So far in this unusual place sought by many people from all over the country. Although the majority recognizes that in our nanomachine phenomenon here, if not come to nothing, we became isolated.

4. Nevyansk inclined tower

Located in the “mountain nest” breeders Demidovs – Nevyansk. Similar to the famous leaning tower, our tower is also inclined. But beyond that the tower is surrounded by many historical mysteries. Unknown exact date of construction nor the architect’s name. It is unclear and the purpose of the so-called “sound room”. If you stand in one of its corners, we can distinctly hear the slightest whisper from the other end of the room. It is known that around the tower there was a network of secret underground tunnels. Widely known legend says that in the dungeon beneath the tower first Demidov secretly melted silver (the fact of secret melting of silver documented). Subsequently, this room is flooded with allegedly working to “cover their tracks”.

5. Place Bazhov tales

Well-described in the tales of the Soviet writer Pavel Bazhov. Are in the vicinity of Sysert and Polevskoy. These places are very popular among the tourists: first of all, this Azov-mountain, mountain Duma, Markov-stone and so on. According to the legends of Azov-mountain cave with hidden treasure. Sometimes at night on Azov-mountain see mystery lights – “candle”. There are legends about the visions of the mountain near the Ghost girl – at the Coast. Here you can get lost in well known places, and in the vicinity of Susaki in our days sometimes have blue fogs.

6. Taganay

National Park and mountain range in the Chelyabinsk region near the city of Zlatoust. In the past century, these places were favored by the old believers. Here they lived in their hermitages, and performed their rites. Sometimes you see a UFO, energy balls, fireballs, and light poles unknown nature. Even talk about Bigfoot and some Cialisco grandmother. Most of the phenomena explained by the peculiarities of electromagnetic radiation of numerous tectonic faults.

7. Ural dolmens

This is, perhaps, the youngest of Ural

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