The mysteries of the most ancient paintings
The mysteries of the most ancient paintings Painting the stone age in the Sahara. Hunters ask for success in hunting at caledonii People are already 30-40 thousand years draws himself…

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Underground Harbor submarines
UNDERGROUND HARBOR SUBMARINES Historical snapshot: March 11, 1995. about 10 a.m. from the Harbor of Balaklava removed of the last Russian submarine. By the way, a little to the right…

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Gothic Barcelona

Barcelona Gothic

The pearl of the Mediterranean opens its doors for you. Don’t miss the opportunity to see Barcelona in all its glory. You have a unique opportunity to reflect on the past, having made with us a fascinating walk through the oldest part of Barcelona – Gothic quarter .

Located in the heart of the Old town, this unique preserved in its integrity the medieval quarter will tell us about its 2000-year history of the Catalan capital. The era of the Roman colony of Barcino, preserved in the ancient ruins of the fortress walls, aqueduct and remains of the temple of Augustus, the capital of the Visigothic Kingdom, the invasion of the Moors, the Golden age of the Barcelona County consisting of the crown of Aragon in the Middle ages and its subsequent sunset in modern times, the historical transformation of the city in the twentieth century – on this and many other things will be the story for our exciting route. Our journey into the history of the city would not be complete without details such as old urban legends, stories of local saints, the daily life of the inhabitants of medieval Barcelona.

The starting point of our walk is the Central building of the Gothic quarter – Cathedral of the Holy cross and Saint Eulalia . the patron of the city. Like a precious casket, sealed Gothic façade, the Cathedral reveal its treasures: 26 luxurious in the decoration of the chapels with tombs the counts of Barcelona, the rectors of the Cathedral and of the nobility; magnificent altar of the XV century, the miraculous wooden crucifix with Christ, “dodging” from Turkish cannon balls at the battle of Lepanto, the most valuable relic of the Cathedral – the relics of an early Christian Martyr Eulalia, also venerated in the Orthodox Church; the famous wooden choir chairs decorated with colorful gilded coats of arms of the knights of the Golden Fleece, and, finally, a beautiful cloister with 13 white geese who, according to legend, symbolize its whiteness the purity of Saint Eulalia and 13 years of age when she was martyred by the heathen.

The next stop on our route will be the most medieval in spirit and, perhaps, the most romantic Jewish quarter cal . We delve into the mysterious labyrinth of narrow pramecou, in which dwelt one of the richest in the Middle ages Jewish communities. Despite the fact that the quarter was devastated after the expulsion of the Jews from Spain in the late XV century, we will be able to familiarize with the life and traditions of the Jewish community due to the existing recently renovated Great synagogue of Barcelona . the oldest in Europe.

Go to the Plaza San Jaume is the historical centre of the political life of Barcelona, the site of a former Roman forum. Here you will see two main administrative building of Barcelona, facing each other: the Palace of the government of Catalonia and city hall . built in the XV century. The main entrance of the Palace of the government of Catalonia is decorated with a statue of the patron Saint of Catalonia is Saint George, striking the dragon. We will tell you about the modern traditions and holidays celebrated by Catalans in this area.

Complete our walk in the historic heart of the Gothic quarter – the square the King with a Great Royal Palace and two masterpieces of Catalan Gothic architecture – the chapel of St. Agatha and Tinell hall, where, according to legend, Columbus told the Catholic kings about the opening of the Western route to India.

We mentioned only some of the buildings and monuments that we will visit during our three-hour excursion through the Gothic quarter.

Please note that the tour does not include entrance fees and meals. The tour is the car, driver and licensed guide. To book a tour in advance.

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