The most mysterious house
The most mysterious house Unique types of architecture What do you mean "mystery" to conventional (or not) at home? Exquisite architecture? The presence of the mysterious legends associated with its…

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The most ancient buildings in the world
Top 10 oldest structures in the world. Hi Every day, walking in downtown St. Petersburg, I pay attention to the sights of our city, which, of course, everyone is familiar…

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Great building

The structure of machine quilting

Sewing machines were widely read; they are key process equipment in the manufacture of clothing. The appearance of the first sewing machines dates back to the end of the EIGHTEENTH and early NINETEENTH centuries.

The value of the machine in the clothing industry is very large, as for topstitching on the machine requires time hundreds of times less than a manual way. The quality of the performance of machine lines is significantly higher manual.


Connection of tissues on the machine occurs by means of two interlocking stretched threads: threads needles and threads of Shuttle. The method of weaving thread machine the stitches are divided into Shuttle and chain.

Two-line Shuttle stitch is most popular. It is called the Shuttle because in the formation of the stitch involved working body of the machine is a Shuttle. The Shuttle stitch one thread is at the top of the fabric, the other on the bottom, the weaving of threads going on inside of stitched fabric. Due to the fact that both threads are under tension and tend to straighten up, fabric in a seam are pressed (stitched) to one another.

A method of forming lock stitches (Fig. 2) is the following. The fabric passes through the loop of thread A (thread the needle), rewound from the reel. Under fabrics the loop is expanded and fortified with a hook around the bobbin, which is wound thread B (thread hook). When the hinge is fully circled around the bobbin, there will be a weaving of threads A and B. If the loop of the upper thread And tighten, the lower thread B would be lured into the fabric, and the stitch will be tightened.

Chain stitches can be one, two and three. In the formation of chain stitches is used instead of the Shuttle, the looper, which can be dressed with a thread (two thread stitch).

The nose of the looper in a single stitch captures the loop of the needle extends and holds the loop to the new puncture needle, which falls into the previous loop.

In the formation of chain stitches slightly increasing overall thread consumption compared to the Shuttle, but the chain stitches more elastic and stronger.

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Funerary complex of Djoser
Funerary complex of Djoser • Add to bookmarks • Saqqara was the main necropolis of ancient Memphis, where, starting from the First of the Royal house, ancient Egyptian nobles built…

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