The mysteries of the most ancient paintings
The mysteries of the most ancient paintings Painting the stone age in the Sahara. Hunters ask for success in hunting at caledonii People are already 30-40 thousand years draws himself…

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Romanesque architecture
Romanesque architecture is an architectural style in Western Europe of X—XIII centuries. Severe, serf nature of architecture — monasteries, churches, castles. Characteristic half from motives of architectural decoration — images…

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Gothic churches


In the Church of Sophia, standing without singing, this silent temple current travellers see or hear a Symphony, and not even the Symphony and the Oratorio, says p. P. Gnedich,” which has affected all the power, all the power of Architecture. What must have felt ambassadors are seekers of beauty – Vladimir, beholding the Church with a mosaic like painting ethereal, animate the service, elaborated over five centuries, i.e. in Sophia the wisdom of God, seeing and hearing the connection of all the arts, feeling and understanding of dogmatic wisdom is not dry in abstract words but expressed in all artistic ways, means. This aesthetic theology.

Arch, over which was powerless polutoratysyachnogo earthquake – “he is drawn to his boundless height and at the same time, it is felt that this roof is close to what he was, over you. It is not the desire in the infinite sky, the sky in otherworldly Gothic towers, – no, here the sky seems to be in the temple and the temple itself. already the run-up to the heavenly Palace.” In the gloom of the Gothic churches – too much of gloom and mystery. all reminiscent of the Dies irae, i.e. the resurrection of wrath and darkly sinister motives De profundism set up on the expectation of punishment and the torment or torturing contemplation. “Orthodoxy requires primarily light (knowledge), clarity, certainty, requires love, not fear,” meaning here the love and knowledge of rescue from punishment. “In the Orthodox Church can’t be a dark corner, where it would go sinister shadows. with what wondrous art scattered light evenly around the temple and everywhere hidden light sources – window”.

In the vertical position are given for two types of Architecture: Gothic is the only expression of “desire” in the air, and the Byzantine – the exercise of the heavens, the firmament.

So, in the Church of Sophia, in the impression produced by them, see the connection of all the arts in Architecture, which requires the connection of all Sciences in Astronomy and requires the denial of the resurrection of wrath and the recognition of the unreal of the Kingdom of God, Kingdom of God in an unreal existence.

Fedorov, Nikolai Fedorovich (1829 – 1903) Russian religious thinker and philosopher, a futurist, activist librarianship, teacher-innovator. One of the founders of Russian cosmism.