Ancient structures
About five thousand years ago among the boundless Sands of the African deserts to the Egyptian IV dynasty Pharaoh khafra (the Greeks called him Chephren) built for himself the pyramid-tomb.…

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Five most mysterious places of Russia
Five most mysterious places of Russia Since ancient times, people have attributed certain localities miraculous properties, granting them with an aura of sacredness or curse. In Russia, too, found a…

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10 the most mysterious part of Barcelona

Writer Sylvia Lagarda Mata wrote the book “Ghosts of Barcelona” (Fantasmas de Barcelona), which tells about the most mysterious places of the Catalan capital.

1. Ghost Canaletas

With the famous fountain Canaletes on Las Ramblas, where now the supporters of FC Barcelona celebrate the victory of his team, involves a mysterious story. According to legend, in the end of XIX century there lived a Ghost. It was young girls who came to the fountain for water. Sometimes he was clothed in a shroud, and sometimes a cloak.

2. The Palace Virreina

Legend has it that this building of the XVIII century, also located on Las Ramblas, wandered the soul of the widow of the Viceroy of Peru. Today it houses a cultural center.

3. Boulevard Inquisition

The area that now houses the cultural center Born, has in the past been the venue for jousting tournaments and public burnings at the stake.

4. Black mass in the market of Santa Caterina

Once at the market Santa Caterina was a monastery of Dominican friars, who disappeared in 1835. Residents said that during visits to Barcelona Satan visited this place, and at midnight there was performed the black mass.

In the hall Tinell, which is on ground Plaza del Rey, a conversation between Christopher Columbus and the Catholic kings Isabella I of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon. It is believed that wall this building can not stand the lies when somebody was lying, it was filled up with stones.

Pogovorili that near the present Cathedral of Barcelona was located one of the paths leading to hell. Close to the Church was also a “cave of thieves”, which often visited the bandit Joan de Serrallonga.

7. Giant with Tibidabo

According to legend, on mount Tibidabo, where we find today the amusement Park and the temple, once lived a monster that ate children. Locals called him the Father of the Giant.

8. Black Ship

In the port quarter there was a belief that every year on October 21 from the bottom of the sea mysteriously rose Black Ship, which was destined forever to drift. He was facing ships that came his way.

9. The Parliament building in Ciutadella Park

According to the legend, in the mid-eighteenth century, the military from Sevilla brought a dwarf. In his creation of “Scientific and curious letter,” father Benito jerónimo, Feijoo confirms this fact.

10. The hanged man from the Creu Coberta

In ancient times, the Piazza di Spagna, where is the exhibition centre Fira Barcelona, was one of the darkest corners of Barcelona – here hung sentenced to death. Lagarda Mata says that one of the young strangers who had to fight in a duel, prayed near the body of one of the dead. He turned into a Ghost, fought instead of the young man and saved his life.

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