Gothic cathedrals
Gothic cathedrals: Cathedral of St. Vitus Cathedral and St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna I'm not an architect and don't know many details, but in this article I will try to…

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Hotel of the day: Savic hotel, Prague, Czech Republic
  Our today's hero – classic Prague hotel: it is located in a historic building in the centre of town, rooms are spacious, with thick walls and original trim, the…

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The crown of thorns of the Savior

Arrival at the airport. Moving to Cologne. A pilgrimage to the relics of the Magi – wise men from the East. A prayer before the reliquary of the Magi in the Cathedral in the name of the Apostle Peter. Examination of the unique beauty of stained glass, donated to the Cathedral by king Ludwig the Bavarian and of the ark, which is a piece of jewelry. The story of how wise men from the East connected with the former Hanseatic trading city. Walk through the historic center of Cologne: the Rhine promenade, Salt street ancient mikvah and excavations from the Roman period. Transfer at Aachen – the town of Charlemagne. Thematic tour “Aachen – the third Rome”. The prayer at the ark with the great Aachen relics: the robe of the blessed virgin, the swaddling clothes of the infant Christ, by Plato from the beheading of John the Baptist. See the famous mosaics of Aachen Cathedral, patterned ravenskih, visit to the residence of king Charlemagne and the city hall. Free time. Those interested can visit the Bishop Museum. The Museum retained the Belt of the virgin. There you can see masterpieces of medieval religious art, medieval life, as well as the horn of Roland, the cross of Lothar and many others (cost of attendance

with the tour 5 euros). Transfer to Trier (186 km). Accommodation at the hotel in a resort town near Trier. Overnight.

Breakfast. The pilgrimage to the Cathedral of Trier, where the Holy Empress Helen brought the Tunic of the Lord. Moleben near the Chiton. Prayer before the head of St. Helena. A pilgrimage to the relics of early Christian martyrs famous Thebes Legion. Moleben before the relics of the Holy Apostle Matthias (70). Those interested can visit the Treasury of the Cathedral and to venerate the Holy relics: sandals of the Apostle Andrew, the chain which had bound the Apostle Peter, the relics of the Holy apostles Peter and Paul. In the Treasury is a personal Cup of St. Helena. Thematic tour “Trier – city of saints Constantine and Helena”. Trier is not only the oldest city in Germany and one of the four capitals of the Roman Empire. The story of the reign of the Trier of Constantine the Great and his mother Helena: Roman gate – Porta Nigra, the throne room of Emperor Constantine the Great (ancient Basilica), the terms of the IV century, St. Peter’s Basilica (the standard of Romanesque architecture), Market square. Free time. Those interested can visit the Bishop Museum (5 Euro) and to explore the unique frescoes of the IV century from the Palace of St. Constantine. Moving to Monaco (40 km). Excursion to Monaco: the Palace of the Grand Duke, squares and parks, the famous aqueducts of the city-fortress. Return to the hotel. Overnight.

Breakfast. Free day. At the request of the group (minimum 15 people) guided tour in Brussels (65 Euro). Here in Brussels, in the Church of job the long-Suffering, Nikolay Sokolov – the investigator for particularly important cases of the Omsk district court, brought the remains of the Holy Royal martyrs and passion bearers: Nicholas II and his family in Ganina Yama. They are buried here in the wall of the temple, which not by chance bears the name of St. job the Longsuffering. The Emperor Nicholas was born in day of memory of St. job the Longsuffering. As the old Testament sufferer, the Lord sent Nicholas Romanov many trials. The temple was built in 1928. At that time, the Church has venerated the Royal martyrs. Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna gave this temple personal belongings of the Emperor that were with him in the Ipatiev house: an icon of St. John the Baptist, before which the former Emperor was praying in the last days of his life, the Bible, the Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, shoulder straps, and the greatcoat of the Emperor Nicholas. City tour: visit the Cathedral, the Royal hall, the Royal Palace and the square. Return to the hotel. Evening – dinner with traditional German cuisine and taste famous Moselle wine (20 euros, paid for dinners, extra charge for wine tasting 5 euros). Overnight at a hotel near Trier. During lent dinner German food tasting is not offered.

Breakfast. Transfer to ESO (216 km). A pilgrimage to the relics of the Holy Martyr Sophia in the Abbey of St. Martyr. Trophimus. In this Abbey until the French revolution was the power of Faith, Hope, charity and their mother Sophia. A prayer before the ark and the relics of the Martyr Sophia. Sightseeing day in Strasbourg. Inspection of the Cathedral. Because of the color of pale pink Sandstone locals call this magnificent Gothic temple “a Pink Angel of Strasbourg”. Examination of Romanesque and Gothic churches of the city: the Church of St. Thomas and St. Etienne, Covered bridges. Walk around the Petit France quarter – Petite France, the Strasbourg court and the European Parliament. Return to Trier.

Breakfast. Early departure to Paris (450 km). Tour: the place de Greve, the mayor’s office, the Pantheon and the Sorbonne. A moleben at the relics of St. Helena. Free time at the Parisian Cathedral of the Mother of God. 15:00 the prayer at the crown of Thorns of Jesus Christ. This Shrine was brought to Paris king Louis IX. Thematic tour “the Sacred heart of Paris”. Visit to the Cathedral of St. Mary Magdalene. The prayer at her relics. In this Church love to be married Parisian aristocrats. Mary Magdalene Parisians worship the patroness of marriages, despite the fact that the Saint herself has never been married. A story about the history of veneration in France of Mary Magdalene. Continuation of city tour: the tower of Saint James, the castle of Philip the fair, the Palais Garnier, the Louvre. Overnight in the outskirts of Paris.

Breakfast. Departure to Chartres (90 km). The service Fee of the blessed virgin Mary. According to legend, in this Board the virgin was the night of the Nativity of the infant Christ. Inspection of the first in France of the Gothic Cathedral dedicated to the Mother of God, with unique stained glass Windows of the XII century. The stained-glass window “God the mother of the beautiful Windows”. The return to Paris. City tour: visit to Concorde, Tuileries garden, Champs elysées, the arc de Triomphe. Free time. Visitors can ride a boat on the Seine. Completes day walk along the Champs Elysees. Overnight in the outskirts of Paris.

A visit to the historic Orthodox Church of St. Alexander Nevsky. This temple stores a collection of unique icons, donated to the Cathedral the first wave of Russian emigration. Those wishing to remain for the Liturgy. A visit to the Louvre or free time in Paris. 15:30 travel overnight to Germany.

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