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What can mounds
What can mounds The famous pyramids of the ancient Egyptians or, say, the Mayans and the Aztecs. But to see mysterious structures from thousands of years ago, not necessarily to…

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Famous Gothic buildings

Tabor – the house of God warriors

In Bohemia, when the revolt of the Hussites, for strong protection of the teachings of Master Jan HUS from the oppression of the Church and the nobility began to gather and to arm the first troops of the “God” of soldiers. Thus, at the beginning of 1420, the inhabitants of the ústí Sezimovo burned their city and moved to a nearby hill above the river Luznici. Here, on the site of an abandoned city gradište from kotnov castle, they built a new town called Tabor, in accordance with Scripture.

They lived here in a gender-equal society, which was banned by private property, and become an example for many other Czech cities started to join the ideals of the Hussites. Shortly thereafter, with a small army of soldiers arrived the famous Hussite captain Jan žižka of Trocnov.

He was a skillful strategist, who, although in the last years of his life was totally blind, and have never experienced the bitterness of defeat on the battlefield to the day he in 1424 died. Tabor remained kalitinsky the citadel until the end of the Hussite wars. In 1437 between the city and the Emperor Sigismund concluded an agreement. The city has kept all of the spoils of war and became a Royal city. Later, in the environment of the kotnov castle and the city’s buildings, were erected a massive fortified walls in the late Gothic architectural style, which until that time were rebuilt in the Renaissance style of the 16th century.

Winding the little streets of the historic center of the city are a vivid example of how randomly, without a clear plan, built the building. Today, Tabor is an urban area of protected monuments and some of its valuable space is included in the list of places of national cultural heritage. One of these is the Gothic town hall, located on the main square – the square of žižka.

Built in 1440 1516, it has a prismatic tower, Trident pediments above the facade and great hall. The hall today houses the Hussite Museum, which gives a historical review of the city since its founding to the 19th century. Also presented examples of Hussite weapons; weapons used by professional soldiers marching in boots, all over the world.

Huge municipal hall is late Gothic arches and decorated with many statues, including the oldest preserved portraits of Jan HUS and Jan žižka. The square also Decently notable late Gothic Church of the Appeal of the Lord, the fountain of the Renaissance with a statue of Roland and the statue of žižka 1884. The side streets leading to the gate and small pedestrian gate, with many buildings in Gothic and Renaissance style, with typical-cut portals, with precise segmental pediments and facades decorated with murals and graffiti.

A special place in Tabor is a network of two – or three-storey cellars, which, connecting tunnels, passes under the city centre. Built in the 15th and 16th centuries the top floors with vaulted ceilings, surprisingly spacious. The entrance to 650-meter-high look-the site is located in the old city hall. Two rings of fortifications remained only the remains of walls.

Bechynska gate, the only gate still standing, are part of the round tower of kotnov castle. Along with it they included in the list of places of national cultural heritage and is today a Museum. In the 17th century in the buildings of the castle, most of which were destroyed or demolished during perestroika, was created by the brewery. Under the former castle is the Gothic cemetery Church of St. Jacob the Great, built in 1338, before the Foundation of Tabor. Mikulas square of Husf is the Augustinian monastery with a Baroque Church.

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