The most mysterious attractions in the world
The most mysterious attractions in the world Perhaps the most popular and at the same time the most mysterious sights of the world were, and remain, Stonehenge, the Nazca desert…

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Mysterious Thule

Mysterious Thule

They say in my family still had some poluelfiyka, a long time ago, but because I can say that in my veins flows a drop of elven blood and, therefore, are in me, and a certain predisposition to Arcanum Magic. More precisely, there is no predisposition, and I, a citizen of the Taranta, enjoy all the latest inventions and technological advances approve, but I’ve always had interest and curiosity for magic and magicians. This curiosity and a certain status in society and explore in an environment of sorcerers, allowed me to travel to one of the most mysterious and interesting places in Arcanum — the city of magicians the Thule.

I must say: mages are not the people who likes to uncover secrets, they taciturn, and if they answer, then certainly a mystery.

So, journey.

After the path Marianski on the Plains we came to a narrow Strait, separating from the rest of the world Vendigroth ominous Wasteland (as I understand it, they are on a kind of island, standing very close to the continent). They can pass in only one place — where strange half-ruined bridge. This immediately caused me a lot of questions. My guide — tulskii MAG heading back home — reluctantly told that these were the traces of the ancient Empire, very ancient, standing here even before Tully and even (attention!) before Venedigreise the Wastelands were wastelands. It was news to me: it turns out that this place has not always been desert. There was a powerful state called “Vendigroth” (and I never thought, in honor of what are called the Badlands). The magician with the explicit rejection treated him, moreover, in his speeches flashed the words “technology” and “unprecedented progress” that quite surprised me, but I don’t know whether to believe it. Technological Empire thousands of years before the industrial revolution in Taranta and even before the rise of civilization of gnomes. I don’t want to invent sensation. As if something was Vendigroth was destroyed in an unknown accident, and everything around it was scorched.

I note that Vendigroth once the place is extremely dangerous, and if not for a troop of armed servants and mercenaries, I would not be able to survive. The whole way we have not met a single person, not one representative of any intelligent race. The main population of these places are huge spiders, led by the unseen and unexplored critters, which I, having University knowledge in Zoology, dubbed as “anthropomorphic arachnids”. However, I can’t say they are reasonable or not, as, praise all the gods, seen them up close only already dead. Once again I will thank my guides and guards.

Way across parched desert was long and grueling, but, in the end, we managed to get to Tully, and I was allowed to enter it. Amazing place! Enchanting, beautiful, elegant, mysterious! It seemed to me that something mysterious is literally smell in the air — maybe Magic? Or was the fragrance of flower gardens (the Thule is deep in the Misty Oasis)? When evening comes and the sun sets over Ventilatie Wastelands, you can hear the singing shower singing, it’s just extraterrestrial melodies…

The city consists of several estates mages, but its main attraction is the huge Palace (more of all I have seen mansions and castles), crowned with black towers with no Windows. In past lives the great sage Simeon tor, Chapter Tulskoi Assembly of magicians. Of course, I was not allowed to him, but I had the opportunity to walk around the Palace. Oh, it’s a work of art! The rarest and most ancient tapestries and carpets, picturesque internal gardens and fountains, hand and magical beasts. Many of the Palace rooms occupied by masters of different Schools of Magic, and I had the pleasure of talking with some of them… It’s a real maze! By the way, Thule is the real magic of the labyrinth, built by some ancient elf by the name of FA’al kin.

In front of the entrance to the Palace is another attraction — the Pond Pelagian. They say it is already two thousand years lives the spirit of this very Pelagian that appears every night and silently flickers in the night air. Pelagian is one of the greatest mages in the history of Arcanum, founder of Tully. It was a long time ago, by my count — at the end of the Age of Legends. Pelagian, who comes from a wealthy family, he began to study magical arts and to travel the world, but pretty soon he found that among the sorcerers dominated by arrogant, greedy and power-hungry people. He could not bear this and went to the Wasteland, where he founded the city of magicians. As I said one of the masters, “is a place where he could establish a new philosophy of magic. He gathered young promising students and created this wonderful place, open to everyone, a pure heart, seeking to learn the secrets of magic.” In addition, Pelagian was a clairvoyant, poet, and artist. His work is considered unsurpassed, though his poetry, complex, and encrypted so nobody and misunderstood, have survived to our times. But I was fortunate enough to witness his most famous picture — “Wall of Education”. They say it hid some mystery, but I, of course, not solved.

I note that the population of Tully is relatively small and, in principle, there is no usual division into social classes, rich and poor, because the one who came here, already a kind chosen (and to get here without any means, from experience, is virtually impossible). The population of Tully divided into two unequal parts: of the masters and just experienced mages and apprentices, learning all the intricacies of strange magic arts. The latter much more than teachers. Study them hard, but a wise and stern teacher does not forgive mistakes and can easily drive out of the city.

Mage Tully live completely independently, without submitting to any Kingdom, and standalone (I do not know where the food they take — but then, they and mages), and most importantly closed — and geographically, and go to town, not everyone can (only with the permission of Simeon Torah) — but at the same time, I was told that they are keenly interested in the problems of Arcanum and feel responsible for everything that happens, because it should go to all who are endowed with great powers and knowledge.

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