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Hotel of the day: Savic hotel, Prague, Czech Republic


Our today’s hero – classic Prague hotel: it is located in a historic building in the centre of town, rooms are spacious, with thick walls and original trim, the restaurant’s menu consists of traditional Czech dishes. This however is not a reason to tell you about another medieval sights, especially as the notion of Prague as a city, densely built Gothic buildings, is nothing more than a stereotype.

For more than 100 years of debate about the architecture of the Czech capital, the appropriateness of the contrasts of ancient and modern buildings. Development of the Central part of the city, with rare exception, is a Baroque building of the 18th century. In the midst of the medieval streets suddenly there are buildings in the art Nouveau, secession, other movements of the early 20th century. For example, in two steps from the Gothic Powder tower is the Municipal house with its mosaic facade, glass dome and numerous details of the work of genius Czech Mucha and around the corner old town square with the 15th-century town hall and old Church.Nicholas grew up the so-called “house of The Black Madonna”, which affects their broken faces. The world’s only street lamp in the style of cubism is surrounded by Baroque and Gothic buildings, and this neighborhood looks quite organic. Today, future architects from all over the world come to Prague to study the work of cubist, functionalist and constructivists in architecture. The most famous contemporary building in Prague – the so-called “dancing house” “ginger and Fred”. This is unusual, immediately upon the building erected on the waste land, which appeared after the explosion of bombs in 1945. When the mayor of Prague was a former architect Ian castle, plan of city building has changed again: the architects had the opportunity to not only engage in careful reconstruction of historically significant objects, but also to realize their most daring ideas. In 2003, over the restoration of the Department store “Darex”, during which the box still at home with the 19th century facade was complemented with ultra-modern curved roof. Today it is one of numerous samples of the Prague avant-garde, which, by the way, in a short time can also become the story instead of them ultra-modern to be considered buildings “of tomorrow” – such as a shopping centre “Golden angel”, created using the latest construction technologies.

A four-star hotel Savic (Savic) was built in the early 14th century. Now the intersection of Jilska and Jalovkova centre of the historic city, just a few metres from the hotel – Charles street, leading to the famous bridge, ten minutes walk to the old town square with many cafés and restaurants. Creating the hotel, the owners managed to preserve the ancient murals and finishes, while making all the rooms are comfortable for modern travelers. The Savic hotel offers 27 rooms of different categories: there are 14 standard rooms with double or twin beds 8 Superior rooms, 4 “Junior suites” and one apartment Executive. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, stereos, televisions with satellite channels, coffee machine, bathrooms with shower or bath, scale, Hairdryer, toiletries. The rooms are cleaned daily and available around the clock, they are furnished in a classical style, in many ceilings with old wooden beams on the second and third floors have communal Lounges. All rooms and living rooms have access to the Internet. At any time guests of the hotel Savic can go down into the inner courtyard, closed to outsiders. On the first floor of the hotel features a popular restaurant U Dominikana. In the warmer months you’ll see a sun terrace, and guests can dine outdoors. The hotel staff can help guests to solve everyday problems, recommend restaurants and book tables. Guests can ask for tours in Prague, book a transfer and book tickets.