1. Magic fountain One of the most beautiful places in the evening in Barcelona is the Magic fountain (cat. Font màgica de Montjuïc), which is also called fountain of Montjuic…

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Great building
  GEOLOGICAL STRUCTURE . Unlike South America, millions of years ago was part of Gondwana, North America - a fragment of Laurasia - the Ancient continent of the Northern hemisphere.…

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Great buildings (VS) to Forge of Empires without limits

Great buildings (VS) to Forge of Empires without limits. Debriefing.

Good day.

Yesterday the Russian-speaking world Forge of Empires update to v1.30 and Great buildings removed limitations. Now the maximum level of a great building (SA) — level 49. Today I’m a little potestit all of these updates and willing to share their thoughts on this. If You already have some sun 10 level and to continue to raise you need to do is to go to this great building from the bottom and press the button Drawings . a menu will open where you can continue to manipulate: I had all 9 different drawings and I was able to access 11 level (active green button bottom). Immediately after the opening level you can make WITH yourself in the sun: With that, I think everything is clear. There are 9 different drawings — opened 11 level, there are 9 drawings — you can access 12 level and so on. No drawings, but there powtorki — you can exchange 2:1 and so until you get tired. The main thing that was drawing a lot! But there is a very interesting and telling moment. I checked it on Alcatraz and the results I have not liked. Will start from afar. The game, as we know, relatively free, but to taste all the charm of dynamics and power, developers are constantly come up with interesting ways to force us to make some money in the game. It turns out very well. Now, say you have a lot of repetitive drawings and you want to unlock the next level. I have it was Alcatraz: And what do you think? After 8 exchanges, I never received the coveted morsel. And now, if you think about it, probably not worth it at all to change the drawings in those Great buildings (VS) you want to pump to the maximum. Answer why — simply throw away on every level 200-600 diamonds and purchase 2-3 of the drawing, than to spend all the fossil drawings on exchange of the missing pieces (it will probably be good, but maybe not). And then, having received a one level th with exchange, You stop yourself in the future, because now you will need to knock out a bunch of new drawings to the following levels, which will not always fall the way You need it. Or pay real for the missing drawings, but keep repeating all the plans that You have for future levels You need a great building (SU). Look at the screenshot of my Alcatraz — throwing for 400 bruley on each level, I can raise it by another 5 levels. And can now mimic the drawings drain on the exchange, not receiving the desired drawing.

From their exchanges today, I would do a couple of conclusions:

1. I was with a clear advantage. If all your drawings not be drained by unnecessary exchanges with exchange partners, levels 4-8 safely pump your great building.

2. Pumping the sun is now will take a lot of time and effort, at the same time bonuses from each level while not economically feasible.

3. Those players who want to raise their sun above the 20’s levels, must be willing to pour real. There are a few.

On this I have now. Most of the great buildings I have not 10 levels but pogrevshis with a couple of, the very mechanism of the new version FOE becomes more than understandable. If you’re interesting observation or new thoughts — write them in commentsarias, let other players also read and draw the right conclusions. Good luck in the game!

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