Stonehenge: the mysterious legacy of the ancients
Stonehenge: the mysterious legacy of the ancients Among unsolved mysteries of history, exciting scientists, archaeologists and writers majestically megalithic stone structure called Stonehenge. The most famous is Stonehenge in great…

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Knowledge of the structure of the world in Islam
Knowledge of the structure of the world in Islam which is located to the East of the Verkhoyansk range or the range the problem of correlation of biological and social…

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Underground Harbor submarines


Historical snapshot: March 11, 1995. about 10 a.m. from the Harbor of Balaklava removed of the last Russian submarine. By the way, a little to the right edge of the photos is the entrance to a nuclear shelter submarines, and its output is on the left at the top of the mountain at the bottom. Photos Basil YAROSLAVTSEVA.

General view of the shelter.

The drawbridge in front of him.

The submarine turned the nose towards the shore and the smallest went on the rocks. And they parted, and she went into them, hiding in the black throat of the concrete grotto first the nose, then black beveled “fin cutting”, and finally disappeared under overhanging the sea all the mountain. Only hamborsky – feed the fire dimly blinked at parting, barely reflected in the dark night water.

This saw this picture for those who accidentally found themselves at Balaklava promenade in the dead of night. Man is a visitor and does not understand what happened, the timer would quickly have realized that another submarine was put into a nuclear shelter rock, where lurked underground shipyard-Arsenal.

And from the bridge of the boat all that night the mystery was here in front of her nose bakirchik breeds booms-floats, opening underwater network gate, then with lingering rustle, as if the curtain in the theatre rises extensive camouflage net, and when the spotlight from the darkness appears a huge concrete portal, which takes concrete the bed of the sea channel. But the path to the Shelter cover until the iron drawbridge of the gate and concrete bridge. The spans of the bridge quickly rises, the valve of the bridge goes to the side – path to the mountain dungeon is open!

Black ribadire the body of the submarine carefully drawn truncated under the arches of the underground corridor. The submarine passes between the pickets, where are the machine gunners in steel helmets and orange vests, posts anti-sabotage watch, which vigilantly watch to open the underwater gates of time secret object were not even enemy combat swimmer or Dolphin kamikaze.


Ancient structures
About five thousand years ago among the boundless Sands of the African deserts to the Egyptian IV dynasty Pharaoh khafra (the Greeks called him Chephren) built for himself the pyramid-tomb.…


The great structures of antiquity
The great structures of antiquity (Beijing 1 day private tour) Price for groups of 4 people Feature tour: Juyongguan is the most convenient and close to the Beijing section of…

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