10 the most mysterious part of Barcelona Writer Sylvia Lagarda Mata wrote the book "Ghosts of Barcelona" (Fantasmas de Barcelona), which tells about the most mysterious places of the Catalan…

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Mysterious figures in Russia
Mysterious figures in Russia Some inscribed thus the line that became an integral part of the relief and landscape of the republics of the CIS, are perfectly straight, others form…

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Counting from Koktebel

Counting from Koktebel


At the time, as readings-disco “gallerists”, fading, retreating into the past, and who published the almanac “Who Zdes?” Alexander Sitnikov(it was a paper version sounded) with notebooks paraareolyarnogo Borges(translated and) returned to the bosom of Akademgorodok(he’s a poet -mathematician), something new was born, but somewhere already seen. “Medieval castle” Lex in one of the suburban settlements near Novosibirsk became much more comfortable for creativity “tower” than galileiskii the basement, or how much more room the housing Department, how many left “Metacity”. Neither give nor take – purchased Jimmy page moleskin the house, where he conducted his sessions the magic of Aleister Crowley, but. clearly, without all the Masonic devilry, though not without courage.

A Gothic building with a recording Studio. big audience and the stage in the attic. But I got there in the festival “Siberian Six Underground”(S. S. A.) – inspired black and Jack(going to call him) is already done by the time to disperse in the theory and practice of pakowania.

As fucked and was named

Do not want. and died,

Leaving in the forgotten sky of emptiness

Blood for blood and failed life…

The fuck does fire. that does not go out in the rain?


This is one of the examples of creativity “garagistes” S. sh. A(itself “garagist” phenomenon is more Shirokoe and even boundless), almost a Manifesto of his leader. Black Jack and Nazansky with Svetlosanova with the joined two professors – philologists each other never knew, being in parallelnyh realities. But aesthetes threw quite “serebryanikova” challenge mediocrity and that was a slap in the face of public taste. Punks of the U. S. A. among them were and their academic theorists and their practices, hammering on the guitar and shouting out the words challenged at all. Protivostoyanie these two areas was, of course, correspondence. It was “battle in heaven”. How I am not mistaken –the term “Tetrism”, speaking at the Novosibirsk TV, first in turnover allowed the Professor of Philology, Shatin. The oppositional sense of “terraism” was that(in theory) they distanced themselves from the official “regional” literature. They were not published Yes, sort of like they didn’t really want. Quite to Z “In wide-brimmed hats. long jackets, notebooks of his poems…”

In the texts of correspondence battle “garagistes” with “tetrazini”. it would seem, was a losing post-bashlacheva. But in dalah of self-promotion… the black loved to give a press interview. The truth about “tetrist” Svetlosanova it was made a film on local TV. This was a “slap in the face to public taste”. Thrown local “espenica” dentistsa glove. Let’s not forget that “vosmidesyatniki” Svetlosanova, 1957(asking his name, the master of Moscow Yury Kuznetsov said. “Svetlovolosogo?”), -philologist to the core.

As written about him, “he finished in his native town languages Department, traveled a lot, mainly in the South, lived in the Crimea, worked as a Stoker in Alupka, a tour guide in the Vorontsov Palace. Works as a literature teacher in one of schools of Novosibirsk. The first book (“Poems”) was released in 1997; it, in addition to original art, there is a translation of John Keats, Robert frost, Galaktion Tabidze, Terence, Graneli”. And poems it could be a serious opposition zamaterevshaya in the hillbilly and the Orthodox samorodnostju allowed the writers of Siberia and the Far East, and even the whole of Evraziiskogo.

The most mysterious house
The most mysterious house Unique types of architecture What do you mean "mystery" to conventional (or not) at home? Exquisite architecture? The presence of the mysterious legends associated with its…


Gothic churches
Home In the Church of Sophia, standing without singing, this silent temple current travellers see or hear a Symphony, and not even the Symphony and the Oratorio, says p. P.…

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