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Stonehenge: the mysterious legacy of the ancients

Stonehenge: the mysterious legacy of the ancients

Among unsolved mysteries of history, exciting scientists, archaeologists and writers majestically megalithic stone structure called Stonehenge. The most famous is Stonehenge in great Britain, in the County of Wiltshire, close to Salisbury, a distance of 130 km from London to South-West direction.

Shrouded in legends and mysteries, this place attracts a lot of tourists, eager to see a true Testament to the greatness of ancestors who lived thousands of years ago. Looking at multi-ton blocks of stone, and would like to ask: was it possible with the help of those primitive technologies, told us about the teachers at the school, to bring them for tens and even hundreds of miles away and set in the right geometric pattern, saved until now? Why were exerted such tremendous effort, and what is the purpose of this structure? Scientists have put forward many interesting theories about this. Each one has a right to be. But before you dive into the world of conjecture, consider, what is the Stonehenge.

Let’s start with the title. “Stonehenge” is very ancient art, its origin arguing as the structure to which it is named. Here are some of his alleged literal translation: the stone rods, stone-gallows, the hanging stones. Is from the Stonehenge megaliths, stone blocks and trilithons. Megaliths are huge hewn chunks of rock. Many ancient religious buildings built from them. To set the solution does not need these huge blocks of well-kept under its own weight. Sometimes they are secured with the help of hewn stone “castles”. A trilithon is a structure building, in the shape of the letter “P” consisting of two blocks, standing upright, on top of which a horizontally located third.

Mystery is not only how and why were these stones set. Just 50 metres from Stonehenge you can clearly see the mysterious geometric shapes, as if trampled by someone on the grass. “Bushy” they perfectly: whole herb has a clear direction in one direction. These drawings are not permanent, they then disappear, then appear in these places, what makes Stonehenge even more mystery. Researchers are scratching their heads about what are these figures and why they arise and disappear near Stonehenge.

Scientists believe that construction of Stonehenge began about 4 thousand years ago and ended only after hundreds of years. Somehow the huge stone blocks were cut and delivered to the installation site. Here they are on the meters were dug into the ground. With that, when creating Stonehenge was used not one, but two kinds of stones: for the outer circle is a mighty boulders, the inner consists of the so-called blue stones, they are more soft. This prompted many different theories about the magical purpose of Stonehenge.

Scientists have long denied such hypothesis, until I discovered that the blue stones were brought here 200 miles away from Pereselenka mountains. To transport these huge blocks, some of which reach 25 tons, such a distance is a challenge even for modern technology. What can you say about the people who lived 4 thousand years ago? Is it only because of the attractive colors have been spent such tremendous effort? Common sense dictates that there is.

Some have suggested that Stonehenge was built by druids to commit their ritual ceremonies during the summer and winter solstice. There is a theory that this megalithic structure was built by the Mycenaeans, protecting the Atlanteans. Many supporters have with the hypothesis that Stonehenge was built by aliens.

Literally not so long ago appeared a new theory of one British researcher. He believes that Stonehenge is not just a monument, the temple of the Sun or a runway for UFOs. It is an astronomical Observatory, with which ancient people could accurately determine the occurrence of solar and lunar eclipses. The path of the Sun, it moves across the sky, is marked by a huge stone arches. This megalithic construction, you can find points that exactly match the rising of the Sun and the moon above the horizon.

If you stand in the centre of Stonehenge, these lights will alternate in its huge arches, the trilithons. Thus, the ancient astronomers for years tracked the movements of the Sun and the moon, and then perpetuated their research, creating Stonehenge. It is noteworthy that the arch in which the Sun comes, when the summer solstice, made a little wider than the rest. So dedicated were the days in which energy activity is particularly increased.

However, no matter what legends, hypotheses, and assumptions surround Stonehenge, many people have their expectations of visiting this mysterious place. What if the stories about the unusual power – it’s true. And having stayed near these stone buildings, you can get positive energy and good fortune? Because of this, Stonehenge was nearly destroyed: many wanted to take something for memory. Therefore, the authorities of the United Kingdom were forced to take the situation under their control and arrange a visit to this famous cultural heritage of Britain.

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