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The most mysterious places on the planet

The most mysterious places on the planet

On our planet Earth there are many places, which for many centuries baffled researchers. Who built them, for what purpose – until now, scientists can not explain. It is impossible in a short article to tell about all the strange and still not fully understood.

We create Top 3 places about which it is safe to say that this is the most mysterious places on the planet .

Of course, this list does not included the many no less mysterious. So, let’s start.

1. Giants Causeway. It is situated in the North-Eastern Ireland. The singularity is that this road amount to about forty thousand basalt columns, the thickness of 30-50 cm, and the height of the tallest is 12 m.

The columns form three groups of natural sites, the largest of which – the Big trail. It starts near the water, here the columns of the same level and remind paved the way. Further from the coast they look like stairs, reaching six metres in height. The tallest columns are 12 m high.

The top of the columns and flat in cross-section are hexagonal, but there are 4, 5, 8-coal. When viewed from above, the cluster of columns resembles a honeycomb. The road has a width of 20-30 m. Tourists can walk along the columns along the coast road about 1 km.

Such natural the phenomenon, scientists explain the eruption of the volcano, but looking at such a miracle, I can not believe that it was created by nature. The ancient Irish came up with the legend, according to which the road was built by the great hero Finn Cumana to protect his people from the evil giant.

2. The underwater city of Yonaguni. This unusual structure was discovered not so long ago, in 1985, near the Japanese island of Yonaguni. It is located 15 m from the island at a depth of 20-27 m. the Scientists call it the opening of the twentieth century. Who built it, when, and why he died remains a mystery.

Underwater, there are structures of regular geometric shapes – diamonds, circles, triangles. Well-preserved stairs, roads, swimming pools, a huge statue of an idol, etc. the City covers an area, at a value equal modern Rome.

Scientists have differing views. Some believe this is nature tried, and, as a result of natural processes that have formed in the Sandstone proper crack. But how then to explain found by underwater archaeologists of the trough, stretching for 100 m and right angle folding in the side?

Other scientists believe that this is the remains of an ancient civilization, superior to our in their development. The city went under water as a result of falling of a huge meteorite, which changed the angle of the earth’s axis by a few degrees. In favor of this theory says that all the buildings of the underwater city are uneven, under a large slope.

Near the neighbouring Islands are also such structures that destroy all notions of human development. Scientists see the connection between underwater cities and Egyptian pyramids. Those and others are made of granite slabs, processed by modern unknown to mankind.

3. Pyramid. These structures for many centuries excite the minds of mankind. Who built them and for what purpose they were used is still a mystery. Currently, scientists doubt that the pyramids were built in the era of the pharaohs. Too high-tech technologies have been used in their construction, and perfect their form. In addition to the known Egyptian, on our planet there are a whole network of pyramids. The famous pyramids of South and Central America, China, Crimea, Siberia, Tibet.

Most recently, the three pyramids have been discovered by researchers in Antarctica. Scientists believe that this artificial constructions. There is a theory that the pyramids are a means of communication with the cosmos.

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