Barcelona Barcelona is a city and port in northeastern Spain on the Mediterranean sea, in the rivers besos and Llobregat. The administrative center of Catalonia and of the province. After…

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Ancient structures
About five thousand years ago among the boundless Sands of the African deserts to the Egyptian IV dynasty Pharaoh khafra (the Greeks called him Chephren) built for himself the pyramid-tomb.…

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Unusual and mysterious places

The existence of this terrible valley became known in the late nineteenth century, when in the canyons of Canada rushed hundreds of miners. This valley has earned the fame of a true Klondike. It was then and started a bloody countdown of the first victims of this place. It should be noted that all the victims were people able to stand up for themselves.


In 1898 in the valley disappeared the first group of prospectors from six people. But in 1905 a tragedy occurred with his brothers William and Frank Mac lodami and their companion craft Robert veer. The three of them went into the valley, had already earned quite a bad name, and since then nobody has seen them. Only three years later, the decapitated skeletons of these people were discovered in the valley, which was already known to prospectors as the Valley Headless.

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One of the most interesting prehistoric structures

One of the most interesting prehistoric structures – the so-called megaliths, colossal architectural monuments of huge stones.

Megaliths are varied: vertical slabs or pillars (menhirs); the construction of the plates – pair of stones set vertically, is covered as a third roof (dolmens), finally, the pillars placed around the sacrificial stones (cromlechs). Many of these stones weigh tons, the largest is 300 tons! Megalithic structures are composed of single rocks or small groups, and some of the many hundreds of stones. They are found all over the planet (except Australia) from France and England to Korea and Japan, and their origin is connected with many legends.

Megalithic structures are constantly attracting the attention of researchers. The ruins of one of them – stonhenge are 130 km southwest of London on the Salisbury plain, near the swamps and hills of Devonshire, described in the novel by Conan Doyle “the hound of the Baskervilles”. This large cromlech, the stones of which the height of almost 8 m and weighing 50 tons were brought from quarries at a distance of 230 km and consists of four large stone circles.

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Stonehenge: the mysterious legacy of the ancients

Stonehenge: the mysterious legacy of the ancients

Among unsolved mysteries of history, exciting scientists, archaeologists and writers majestically megalithic stone structure called Stonehenge. The most famous is Stonehenge in great Britain, in the County of Wiltshire, close to Salisbury, a distance of 130 km from London to South-West direction.

Shrouded in legends and mysteries, this place attracts a lot of tourists, eager to see a true Testament to the greatness of ancestors who lived thousands of years ago. Looking at multi-ton blocks of stone, and would like to ask: was it possible with the help of those primitive technologies, told us about the teachers at the school, to bring them for tens and even hundreds of miles away and set in the right geometric pattern, saved until now? Why were exerted such tremendous effort, and what is the purpose of this structure? Scientists have put forward many interesting theories about this. Each one has a right to be. But before you dive into the world of conjecture, consider, what is the Stonehenge.

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The most mysterious attractions in the world
The most mysterious attractions in the world Perhaps the most popular and at the same time the most mysterious sights of the world were, and remain, Stonehenge, the Nazca desert…


10 the most mysterious part of Barcelona Writer Sylvia Lagarda Mata wrote the book "Ghosts of Barcelona" (Fantasmas de Barcelona), which tells about the most mysterious places of the Catalan…

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