1. Magic fountain One of the most beautiful places in the evening in Barcelona is the Magic fountain (cat. Font màgica de Montjuïc), which is also called fountain of Montjuic…

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Knowledge of the structure of the world in Islam
Knowledge of the structure of the world in Islam which is located to the East of the Verkhoyansk range or the range the problem of correlation of biological and social…

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Gothic cathedrals

Gothic cathedrals: Cathedral of St. Vitus Cathedral and St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna

I’m not an architect and don’t know many details, but in this article I will try to convey their impressions of Gothic architecture on the example of two cathedrals. It is with the Cathedral of St. Vitus and Stefan began my acquaintance with the Gothic. Gothic replaced the classical (Roman) architecture. At first she was treated with disdain and where did the word Gothic (with Italian language Gotica translated as unusual or barbaric). But gradually this trend in architecture was gaining popularity. The oldest Gothic Church is the Notre Dame Cathedral (Notre Dame de Paris).

The main difference from Gothic classics is the use of the frame, where the entire structure is kept for special support, which, firstly, has ceased to be a part of the wall of the building, and secondly, are lighter than the massive columns of the Romanesque style. This design allowed us to increase the size of the building, especially in height. To Gothic the tallest building in the world remained for millennia the Egyptian pyramids, then the pyramids but lost the palm, losing her European churches. Actually, Gothic became associated with the gloomy grandeur. If you compare the Gothic Church with the Orthodox, he would look more sinister and gloomy than bright and vibrant temple with our domes.

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Counting from Koktebel

Counting from Koktebel


At the time, as readings-disco “gallerists”, fading, retreating into the past, and who published the almanac “Who Zdes?” Alexander Sitnikov(it was a paper version sounded) with notebooks paraareolyarnogo Borges(translated and) returned to the bosom of Akademgorodok(he’s a poet -mathematician), something new was born, but somewhere already seen. “Medieval castle” Lex in one of the suburban settlements near Novosibirsk became much more comfortable for creativity “tower” than galileiskii the basement, or how much more room the housing Department, how many left “Metacity”. Neither give nor take – purchased Jimmy page moleskin the house, where he conducted his sessions the magic of Aleister Crowley, but. clearly, without all the Masonic devilry, though not without courage.

A Gothic building with a recording Studio. big audience and the stage in the attic. But I got there in the festival “Siberian Six Underground”(S. S. A.) – inspired black and Jack(going to call him) is already done by the time to disperse in the theory and practice of pakowania.

As fucked and was named

Do not want. and died,

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Cyclopean structures of antiquity
ARCHITECTURE The ARCHITECTURE, the art and science of building. The earliest architectural structures provide only partial protection. The Bedouin tent or the Indian wigwam served as shelter from sun, wind…


Palma the Cathedral of Santa Maria (La seu)
Travel from A to z La seu (La Seu) - as the locals referred to as Mallorca Cathedral Santa Maria Cathedral (Catedral de Santa Maria de Palma de Mallorca) .…

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