The game - Greatest structures
Greatest monuments. Mahjong Fiery journey through the lands of ancient civilisations in the company of bright puzzles! What a great time for solving the famous Chinese solitaire will distract you…

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Karelia: Seven places to visit Having travelled in Karelia – a truly remarkable place – you want as soon as possible to describe to the readers websiteand its extraordinary beauty.…

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The Architecture Of Ancient Egypt

The Architecture Of Ancient Egypt. The types of structures. Architecture and construction.

The types of structures.

In a country with economy based on agriculture, which determined the seasons and the periodic floods of the Nile, was the natural development of astronomy, geometry, geodesy. In Ancient Egypt, the science of measurement was at a high level and allowed them to empirically solve quite complex mathematical problems related to prokladnogo channels, determining the capacity of reservoirs, breakdown and leveling plans giant temple constructions.

The people’s architecture of Egypt-based forms originating from wattle and daub structures. The Egyptians have long built huts of reeds and coastal vine.

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Romanesque architecture

Romanesque architecture is an architectural style in Western Europe of X—XIII centuries. Severe, serf nature of architecture — monasteries, churches, castles. Characteristic half from motives of architectural decoration — images of animals, plants, Dating back to folk art.

Gothic — an architectural style that emerged in the XII century in France in the late middle ages and spread throughout Western Europe. Characterized by the subordination of the architectural forms of vertical rhythm, with Lancet arches on the ribs (the ribs), the abundance of stone carvings and sculptural decorations. In the Gothic Cathedral, the pointed arch thrust is transmitted to the outer supporting pillars (buttresses) with arches (flying buttresses).

And romance . Gothic architecture developed in the same mainly socio-historical conditions. General were, in theory, and compositional techniques. The main difference between these styles was that the Romanesque was characterized by extreme massiveness of the buildings, and the Gothic design has become more perfect, light weight in a number of frame structures in nature .

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Top 10 most unusual buildings and structures in the world

Top 10 most unusual buildings and structures in the world

Modern tourists are unlikely to surprise with something classic and reputed to be the years all over the planet.

Many people want to see new developments not only in architecture but also in the manner of travel.

What can surprise the lover of travel. We have compiled the top 10 unusual buildings, which were constructed by man over the last 150 years.

1. Dancing house (Prague, Czech Republic)

This building type office was built in the early 90’s of the last century. The building is the most popular tourists compared to other architectural monuments of Prague.

The authors of this project, Vlado Milunic and Frank Gehry.

The house consists of two towers in the form of a cylinder, they resemble a couple dancing.

2. Cubic houses (Rotterdam, Netherlands)

In Helmond (the 70-ies of the last century) were built two cube houses.

The author of this project is Piet Blom.

Piet Blom tried to create something unprecedented for Rotterdam. And he did it. He designed the house, which symbolize the abstract tree and the forest.

3. The Hang Nga Hotel (Da Lat, Vietnam)

This Vietnamese hotel built at the beginning of the nineties. Accommodation for tourists is very much like a fairytale Palace cartoon. Continue reading