The mysteries of the most ancient paintings
The mysteries of the most ancient paintings Painting the stone age in the Sahara. Hunters ask for success in hunting at caledonii People are already 30-40 thousand years draws himself…

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Hotel of the day: Savic hotel, Prague, Czech Republic
  Our today's hero – classic Prague hotel: it is located in a historic building in the centre of town, rooms are spacious, with thick walls and original trim, the…

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Mysterious Thule

Mysterious Thule

They say in my family still had some poluelfiyka, a long time ago, but because I can say that in my veins flows a drop of elven blood and, therefore, are in me, and a certain predisposition to Arcanum Magic. More precisely, there is no predisposition, and I, a citizen of the Taranta, enjoy all the latest inventions and technological advances approve, but I’ve always had interest and curiosity for magic and magicians. This curiosity and a certain status in society and explore in an environment of sorcerers, allowed me to travel to one of the most mysterious and interesting places in Arcanum — the city of magicians the Thule.

I must say: mages are not the people who likes to uncover secrets, they taciturn, and if they answer, then certainly a mystery.

So, journey.

After the path Marianski on the Plains we came to a narrow Strait, separating from the rest of the world Vendigroth ominous Wasteland (as I understand it, they are on a kind of island, standing very close to the continent). They can pass in only one place — where strange half-ruined bridge. This immediately caused me a lot of questions. My guide — tulskii MAG heading back home — reluctantly told that these were the traces of the ancient Empire, very ancient, standing here Continue reading

Famous Gothic buildings


“…A man who was not specially interested in the history of Prague architecture, is unlikely to recognize these buildings. I will not mystify, they do not exist. More precisely, does not exist (and never existed) in the form shown. This two unrealized projects of the restructuring and negotiatie Cathedral of St. Vitus. In the end, was elected the other option, one that I admire now guests of Prague:

It is believed that the construction of the Cathedral began in 1344 in connection with the raising of the status of the Prague bishopric to archiepiscopal. The project was led by Matthieu of Arras, who arrived from Avignon. Built Mathieu 8 years and had, quite frankly, not very much. After his death, the business passed into the hands of the family Barleria. Most of the sources mentions the founder of family by Peter Parler from Germany. There is however a version that was Pierre from France or Parla Pietro Parlare from Italy. However, all agree that the last name is derived from the Latin word parlerius, meaning “Builder” or “master”, so Parlerei is the builders name Builders. Anyone who had in this family, too, is not entirely clear.

To build them for 75 years managed the nave and the apse with the altar in the Eastern part of the building and a Large tower on the South side. The services were held in the unfinished part of the temple, with the fourth side fenced Continue reading

The Architecture Of Ancient Egypt
The Architecture Of Ancient Egypt. The types of structures. Architecture and construction. The types of structures. In a country with economy based on agriculture, which determined the seasons and the…


Places of interest in Prague
There is something for everyone in Prague — the Czech capital Quite often the capital of Czech Republic is called "Golden Prague", because it is a very ancient and beautiful…

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